• Shelves - LED shelving

    Elegant solution - Holds up to 100KG, cut to your size, delivered to you!

  • Glass Shelves Installation

    Glass Shelving holding up to 10 kg, Easy to install, delivered to you!

  • Glass Shelving

    Super strong - Holds up to 100KG

  • Glass Shelves

    Simple designs - elegant - Floating Shelving

  • LED shelving

    LED Glass Shelving, awesome to highlight your products

  • Shelves Manufacturer in NZ

    Easy to Install, Manufactured for you, delivered to you anywhere in the world

Welcome to CliffHANGER Shelving.

New Zealand Manufactures of Glass & Timber Floating Shelving and LED shelving - Holding up to 100KG - Easy to Install, Manufactured for you, delivered to you anywhere in the world. Buy direct from Manufacturer

Buy direct from Manufacturer

Floating Timber Shelves for Lounge, Bedroom, Bathroom, Boardroom, Office, Reception areas, Sky Decoders.

The Ultimate DIY floating shelving - CliffHANGER Shelving provide Floating Timber Shelf & Floating Shelf Brackets for your lounge, bedroom, office, boardroom or garage. Manufactures of Floating Timber Shelf in Auckland NZ.
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Floating Wooden /Timber Shelf Brackets that hold up to 100KG

Get Affordable Floating Timber Shelf Brackets direct from Manufacturer in Auckland, NZ. Available in Black, White, Cream, Silver & Bronze Colors and length up to 5 meters long. Used with 16mm Melamine or wooden shelving.
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Floating Glass Shelf - for Office, Lounge, Bedroom, Bathroom, Corner, Wall Shelves

If you are looking for Quality Floating Glass Shelf and any kind of Glass Shelves products look no further. CliffHANGER Shelving provides Floating Glass Shelf, Glass Bathroom Shelves and Corner Wall Shelf at Affordable rates. We make Glass shelving in all lengths. Holding up to 10 KG.
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Floating Glass Shelf Brackets - hold up to 10 KG

The Ultimate Glass Shelf Brackets! Cliffhanger Shelving provides a great range of glass shelf brackets for your displays. Get fast and easy Installation, Affordable price, Available in Gold, Silver, Cream, White and Black. Buy Direct from the manufacture in Auckland, New Zealand. Shipped around the world direct to your door.
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Floating Glass Corner Shelf for your bathroom or lounge displays

Display your products in your lounge, bedroom, laundry or bathrooms with a floating glass corner shelf unit that can hold up to 10 KG. Watch the video on how to install Shelving glass corner unit. Get different brackets for various sizes of shelves. Buy direct from Manufacturer in Auckland, NZ.
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Perspex Brochure Display Stands to hold all your brochures in one location

Looking to showcase brochures or display books stands for your office, shop, Restaurant menus and Wholesale displays? Cliffhanger Shelving provides a great range of Perspex Display Shelf and Brochure wall display stands in affordable price.
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Floating Glass Shelf with LED Lighting for effect - Light Shelves

Want some LED lights installed inside your brackets for effect. Used for special displays, liqueur shelf, Collectables, man caves, Bars, Pubs, Night clubs and many more. Glass shelves Looks awesome when installed… Purchase NOW! Buy direct from Manufacturer in Auckland, NZ.
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Desk Business Card Holders - displaying your cards with pride.

Looking for business card holder or stands for in your office and home desk, or car dashboard, look no further! We provide visiting/business card holder in different colors and offering discount in bulk orders. Delivery available from Auckland, New Zealand to the world!
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Free Standing Sign Stand

If you are looking for Desk stand for your home and office, look no further! Get your name inlaid into timber - white and black colour at affordable rates.
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Floating Business Card Holders to display all your office cards in one location

If you are looking for business card holders or stands for your office, shop desk or wall then you have come to right place! Cliffhanger Shelving Provide a great range of Perspex Business Card Holders or stands in different sizes. We deliver anywhere from Auckland, NZ to the world.
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Floating LED TIMBER Shelf - shelving with LED lights installed

Highlight your products, your shelves, your goods with Timber LED shelves. Used for shelves that hold up to 100 KG. Can be used as a kitchen under cabinet lighting, in wardrobes, in cupboards, in pantries to highlight and illuminate.
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Floating Table for your laptop or desktop computer

Supplying Floating tables in White, Cream, Black and Grey color for your laptop and computer. Save space in your office and home room. Buy direct from Manufacturer in Auckland, New Zealand.
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Floating Wine Sleeve - to show off your wine!!

Place your wine bottles in the sleeve and people won’t know how you have them on the wall, they will all want these when they see yours. The Perfect floating wine bottle holder/stands.
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Floating Microwave shelf

The shelf can carry up to 180 kg which is a lot more than your microwave, which is a lot more than you will ever need. Comes in many colours and sizes, buy direct from manufacturer NOW.
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